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The Outsiders/ heros journey essay


1. My writing at the beginning of the year was not as descriptive an i struggled with spelling and proper grammar.

2. I believe my writing strengths as a writer are that i follow proper formatting, have thoughtful responses, follow direction, use descriptive words an make people want to read my writing.

3. I feel like i might need to learn to stay focused an type fast, also improve on making many different drafts that get better an better each time.

4. I really enjoyed reading an doing activities on this book because it helped me learn new thing about life an had a fun aspect to it at the same time. I would recommend you read this book if you haven't already.


The Outsider/ Hero’s Journey Makenna DeGeronimo

may 5th 2014 period 5

When most people think of a hero they think of a superhero such as Batman, Spider Man, Thor and Captain America. This is probably because all of the new movies and comics that have come out in recent years about these types of heros. A hero with super human strength and ability to save the world from evil. However, this is not the only type of hero. There is a less inhuman kind of of hero. A hero like Ponyboy who goes on a “hero's Journey” not just to get the amazing ability of super heat vision or strength that can break anything in his way but to return as a normal person with a gift. In the realistic fiction novel The Outsiders by Se hinton, the main character Ponyboy curtis goes on a heros Journey because he travels through the three required phases of a monomyth.

Ponyboy experiences the The Separation From the Known when Johnny is wanted for murder because he kills a Socs boy named Bob, so Johnny and Ponyboy run away because they don not want to become hoods. Dally provides assistance for Johnny and Pony, he prepares them for running into this adventure by giving them supplies and wisdom. “ Dally walked us back to the door, turning off the porch light before we stepped out ‘get going’ he messed up Johnny's hair ‘take care kids’ he said softly ‘sure dally, thanks’ and we ran into the darkness”(62) In the Hero's Journey, The Separation from the known is when the hero leaves his comfortable and familiar world and ventures into the darkness of the unknown. The hero often feels a sense of discontent with his current situation, feeling that something is lacking in his life or wanting to restore some type of honor and justice. The hero experiences a sudden and traumatic change that forces him into action. In The Outsiders, The Separation From the Known occurs when when Ponyboy gets in a huge fight. This is a sudden event because it gets very intense and scary. It is also traumatic in a sense of a great shock when the Socs try to dunk Ponyboy under water so that he ould not breath. This traumatic action causes johnny to defend himself an Ponyboy by trusting out a knife and killing a Socs boy named Bob. This event shows that Ponyboy goes through phase one of the heros journey cause this sudden dramatic change causes him to take action and run away with Ponyboy. This represents the threshold to advantage as the take charge and escape the police so that they do not become hoods.

Ponyboy experiences the initiation when he and Johnny have to settle down in a spooky, abandoned church. Together Ponyboy and Johnny wake up in a spooky, abandon church during the late afternoon. They then become very creeped out and worried because they are in a unknown place. They both believe they are at home and are uncomfortable to find themselves laying on the cold ground of a church. “I woke up late in the afternoon, for a second i didn't know where I was, you know how that is when you up in a strange place and have no idea where in the world you are” (69). The initiation phase is when the hero journeys into a physical or psychological challenge. The event of Ponyboy and johnny waking up to find himself in a unknown scary place of a church floor relates to this phase because they are in the unknown. They are confused and flustered because they can not say that they are at there home of the known. Their home is a city and the church is located on the countryside, although this is very different, they find it beautiful.

Ponyboy continues to experience the initiation when he finds out that Johnny is close to death in the hospital. He is in this critical condition from making a choice back at the church to save kids from dying in a fire, you could say her made a choice to become a hero even though he is a greaser. Dally an ponyboy come to visit and take care of Johnny and it is very hard to see him in so much pain. “He was in critical condition, his back had been broken, he was in severe, shock and is suffering from third degree burns, The doctor said even if he lives he will be crippled for the rest of his life”

In the hero's journey, the second part of the initiation is when the hero goes through the abyss, Transformation, the revolution and the atonement. The abyss is when the hero experiences a low point where he must do battle with his greatest fear. In the Novel, Ponyboy goes through the phase of abyss, his low point is seeing Johnny in such critical condition. This is horrible for him because Johnny is someone he loves and cares about. He is facing the fear of losing someone he loves because ever since his parents died he has had this deep fear. In the abyss he is doing battle with his greatest fear.

Ponyboy experiences the return to everyday life when he realizes that life is not fair for anyone, and that the socs are human beings too, even though greasers and socs are always in fights Ponyboy doesn't like that and he finds out that maybe that can change. The return to everyday life phase is when they come back to the known with a gift of wisdom. “‘hey Ponyboy’, ‘don't you start crying’ ‘we were not gonna fight anymore’”(176). Ponyboy returns an learns that although he is a greaser, he does not want or have to get in fights. He finds out that everyone has a hard life because life is unfair for everyone. Even though his “kind” does not get along with the socs, they both live in the same world and are alike in many ways. This represents The Return To Everyday life because he returns with more knowledge and a different look on life, this is his “gift”

In conclusion, the main character, Ponyboy goes on a heros journey of many phases or a monomyth. Ponyboy first experiences the separation from the known when johnny is first wanted for murder, Ponyboy then experiences the initiation when he has to stay in a creepy church. Then he goes through the abyss when he faces death which is his biggest fear. Finally, he returns to everyday life with a new view, a “gift”. It is possible someone could scale a 100,000 foot skyscraper, create a iron suit or have amazing invisibility powers, but it is not likely. However, a Hero’s Journey can be taken by anyone. He or she just needs to be prepared for a challenge, that will later benefit everyone when they return with a gift.

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