Video Production

Session 1

In session 1 I learned about the basic operation of a camcorder. The learned the basics of camera movements. After that I had to write and record a news report.I used many different views during the recording.

Video Production
Session 2

First this I did in session 2, was learn about analog editing. After that I examined different types of video and edited my news brief. I took out the areas of my news report that I didn't need to make my recording better.

Video Production
Session 3

During session 3, I make a PSA or Public Service Announcement about teen smoking. Also I learned about the purpose of storyboards. The final thing that I did in Session 3 was storyboard my Public Service Announcement.

Video Production
Session 4

In session 4 of Video Production, I recorded my public service announcement. Then I edited my public service announcement. After I edited and recorded my public service announcement I went over communication technology.

Video Production
Session 5

During session 5 of Video Production, I explored how video is used to influence people. Also I wrote and storyboarded a commercial. I made my commercial over Bob's Burger Bar.

Video Production
Session 6

During Session 6 I explored the history of video, by learning facts about the years of development. Also I recorded my commercial for Bob's Burger Shack.

Session 7

During session 7, I explored Federal Communications Commision regulations. Also Merged together each of the individual video clips created during this Module. After I burned my final video to a cd.

Career Field for This Module

A career field that would be associated with this module is a Reporter. This job would be related to this module because reporters have to write storyboards for their job. Also they have to be use to being recorded. During this module you are being recorded most of the time.