Parametric Solid Modeling And Its Adv

  1. These days, parametric 3D CAD surface and solid models are the principal methods of communicating design ideas, as well as developing innovative systems and products. Parametric modelling allows learners to create and think in 3 dimensions with refined design software often utilized by manufacturers. Parametric modellers are generally referred to as MCAD (Mechanical Computer Aided Design) modellers, and can be illustrated as feature based, parametric, surface, and solid modelling design tools. The term parametric signifies that MCAD software utilizes parameters. One of the most important parameters are dimensions, and in Mechanical Computer Aided Design software, dimensions drive the geometry.

    A feature is the fundamental unit of parametric solid modelling. Just like an assembly is formed of single parts, a part file is created of individual elements known as features. All features have intelligent properties which define them, and when a feature is made, the geometric dimensions and constraints that apply to it are specific. The modeller collects these properties and utilizes them to produce the feature. Some of the examples of the basic building blocks, include holes, bosses, fillets, cuts, chamfers, and ribs. New features are relied on present features in such a way that design modifications are captured accordingly. These features are divided into 2 main types, including placed or applied and sketched features.
  2. Placed or Applied Features:
    Placed features are applied straight to the model and don't need a sketch. Some of its examples are shell, draft, chamfers, and fillets.
  3. Sketched Features:
    A sketch feature needs a 2-D sketch, which is then changed into a feature in one of the 4 main ways. These part modelling ways are loft, sweep, revolve, and extrude.
  4. Advantages Of Parametric Solid Modeling Over Traditional 2D Drawings:
    1. Besides standard orthographic views, parametric modeling also offers an infinite range of methods to view a model, including animated and rendered views.
    2. 3D systems are more appealing, interesting, and motivational for students who have never utilized a typewriter, possessed a black and white television, or a vinyl record.
    3. This solid modeling provides easier design revisions, and transformations can be done at the level of every individual feature and sketch.

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