Parent Involvement with Student Learning

Parents being the students first teacher

Urban Institute: top 10 bits of information about parents being first teachers

  1. In the first three years 80 percent of the students brain has developed.
  2. At age two children have up to twice as many active synapses, if they are used and nourished they stay. however if they are neglected they wilder and die.
  3. Young brains development is rapid, they are more receptive of new information.
  4. Reading routines with families and early education strengthens language development.
  5. Language used by parents and caregivers are strong influences on language skills especially by age 3.
  6. Talking to the student about an exhibit they had seen in a museum.
  7. It does not matter about income to prepare children for per-K, it can be done.
  8. Out side forces that determine development for students; environment, stability, resources, opportunities, and balance.
  9. Positive or negative response from parents can influence students development.
  10. Intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically, behaviorally, and morally relations lay paths for future.

Family Engagement and Support: top 10 takeaways for parents

  1. Reading time video, shows parents how to integrate their kid(s) when reading. helpful techniques to use with their child.
  2. Learn and grow together article, this article is very descriptive for parents on how children develop through each stage
  3. Talking with child diagram, shows thing for parents to talk about with their children (0 months to toddlers)
  4. Cognitive development (think with me) diagram, showing parents how to help children with developing thinking skills
  5. Learn! learning how to learn diagram, this would help parents with teaching their children different ways to learn
  6. Social-emotional development diagram, shows parents how to help child development for social and emotional
  7. Be healthy! diagram, demonstrates to parents how to teach their children healthy habits as well as life styles
  8. Explore diagram, how to use STEM to engage students in learning activities
  9. Engagement diagram, shows parents how to engage their students socially and emotionally
  10. Financial assistance for families, this would be important for families that need the extra support money wise. this aid would allow parents with time to spend with their growing child instead of working overtime or getting another job.

Parents as Teachers: questions

  1. Why is there a need for a group such as this one?  The need for this site is for support, guidance, understanding, and could have useful information for homeschooling.
  2. What do they do? They try to get parents involved with their children learning, as well as being their first teacher.
  3. What does the research they offer indicate? That it is important that teaching students even before they go to school. how important it is for parent involvement.

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