Park this way.

Park(ing)Day Cleveland is Sept. 20. Plan your personal park today.

Did you ever want your own public park?

On Friday, Sept. 20, do you plan on sitting in the street for an extended period of time? Or how about establishing your very own public park?

Why not do both? At Park(ing) Day Cleveland you get to do just that.

You might be scratching your head, wondering why would anyone want to do that, what is Park(ing) Day, and why don’t you spell things correctly. Those are all fair questions. So, let us explain:

Park(ing) Day, much like Critical Mass bike ride, is a international event held at the same time every year by groups of autonomously organized folks who find very specific issues to be very important.

Critical Mass rallies around cycling. Park(ing) Day’s rallying cry is access to public space.

Started in sunny San Francisco in 2005 by Rebar, Park(ing) Day has since spread to 100 cities in 35 countries.

Here's how it works:

Teams gather in a metered parking space. They can bring chairs, faux grass, a swing set, books, WHATEVER — just not a car. As long as you feed the meter, you can set up shop and have yourself a park.

Why do we want to do this in the first place? To call attention to the important role that public space and parks plays in the health and vitality of a city. Parks are gathering places, places to play, relax, exercise and build community. Often times, cars &mdash and by extension parking spaces — take priority over public health and our right to access shared spaces.

Park(ing) Day aims to start a conversation around public space and public parks. This type of access is a serious issue. But this event takes a very complicated issue and makes it approachable, enjoyable and, most importantly, engaging.

Join us.

We will be park(ing) in downtown Cleveland on Friday, Sept. 20. We hope to see you at both! Stay tuned to Park(ing) Day Cleveland on Facebook for details.