A Powerful Eco-System

Group Partners is so named. We partner.

That means we work with people to make things happen. We do it with clients and peers - individuals like us who subscribe to our beliefs and principles.

Partnering is an old idea sitting behind an abused word. For many years we have found it to be fraught and frustrating to actually create mutual value in far too many cases. We have always been proud of the idea of the Expert Network - a small collection of people that we know our clients will value and that we have proven we can work alongside.

“Let go of relationships that do not serve you. That means negative people, dishonest people, people who don’t respect you, people who are overly critical and relationships that prevent you from growing. You can’t grow as a person, if you don’t have people in your life who want to grow with you.”

Our Aim: Working together to change the way business thinks, works and stays delivering value.

Our approach is collaborative - that really does mean teamwork and without that it really doesn't work.

Partnering For #Resilience

We are all about working with visual frameworks as blueprints ensures consistent and clear delivery.

That creates alignment - speaking the same language.

And that means that our clients will get consistent, more coherent and valuable outcomes - and that results in improved performance across the board. This demands that out partners genuinely understand how we work and know how to think and work this way.

We know that is what clients need. because we used to be clients.

An Important Definition:

"A Resilient Business is one that always remains relevant to those it serves. It has a clear and authentic purpose and it enjoys the support of those tasked to deliver its vision. It does so by staying closely in tune with the 'dynamics' that surround it and by working in a connected, collaborative and co-operative manner with all stakeholders (employees, partners and suppliers). It is capable of doing this in a way that isn't constrained by geographic, organisational, technological or physical barriers." - Group Partners 2013

5 Fundamental Dimensions Of Resilience

Creating Shared Value

The primary reasons to work together:

  • Value: We partner in order to create a richer; more valuable solution for the client.
  • Sustainability: We aim to create a more sustained and persistent solution to the challenge we are working on.
  • Complete: There is a better opportunity (between us) to really shape the right answer to the client.
  • Creativity: We want to develop a more unique or different opportunity by combining our skills in more powerful ways.

Simple Approaches

Whether it is a client of ours or of the 'partner' we will always invest time and effort to shape the right program. Our approach is just that - an approach.

This means that literally any challenge is able to be responded to. We have no interest in creating a dependency on US - merely helping the client create a better answer to his challenge or opportunity.

Our typical approach to challenges are preceded by careful understanding of the bigger context and then arranging our visual framework thinking accordingly. This means we work very closely with partners to be sure that we work in the right way and always abiding by our proven principles.