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Tackk allows anyone to be a creator on the web. And in the world of tech, it’s important to work with innovative tools that align with our vision and help empower creativity.

If you have ideas about how we can join forces and work with your brand, product or school...let’s chat.

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A few of the many ways we can partner

Branded Creation

Empower and engage customers and users to create branded content using a brand custom domain.

Support contests, promotions and marketing initiatives and view all content on one URL.

Example: Victoria's Secret PINK
Victoria's Secret PINK

Content Partner

Add our 'Tackk share' button to your normal share options, and give users one-click sharing of your branded content on Tackk.

Get started now by using our Tackk Share icon (you customize!).

Example: Thinglink.com

Product Integration

Integrate your product or service with Tackk.

Expose your brand to Tackk users and enhance the creation experience. The possibilities are endless.

Example: 500px.com

Brands and companies love Tackk...here are a few we have worked with.

Want to partner with us?

Email partner@tackk.com to introduce yourself and let us know what you’re thinking!