Pascal Nicolai: Donations to the Community

In the real estate world of Miami, Pascal Nicolai is known for the great work that he has been consistently doing. Nicolai has been finding a way to bring in a large return on investment for his company and the investors that partner with him. Capital International Financial Fund, LLC is the real estate investment firm of Pascal Nicolai, which has been making huge profits consistently. For over ten years, CI2F has been boosting the development in the Miami-Dade County. Pascal Nicolai’s real estate investment firm has ben making an efforts to give back to the community of Miami-Dade and joining various associations.

Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami Beach is a facility that helps thousand of patients year in and year out. In his efforts to benefit the community, Pascal Nicolai became a founder of this fine establishment. The Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami also has Pascal Nicolai to thank for his contributions. The Adrienne Arsht Center is a two acre facility that is devoted to dance, music, and performance. Known locally as the Arsht, it is the largest performing arts center not just in Miami, but in all of Florida, thanks to the donations of people like Pascal Nicolai. Nicolai was a part of the revival of Arsht Center that was started by a Miami philanthropist and business leader Adrienne Arsht. Arsht donated over thirty million dollars to show the importance of performing arts, and make the center economically viable.

There is no doubting that Pascal Nicolai is a man who has a heart for the community that he lives in and shows it by donating his resources into the community.