Pascal Nicolai - Investments for the Future

A good investor, in real estate or any area, has to have a crystal ball. Investors have to be able to see into the future and how the market will treat their new venture. For venture capitalists like Pascal Nicolai, seeing the future is easy, the real work comes when the building and development come. Nicolai has made a career out of seeing the future and doing the necessary work to ensure that all the investments made in his firm, the Capital International Financial Fund, are going somewhere lucrative. No one works harder for his investors than Nicolai, who will work to develop and increase the value of any property worth the effort in the Miami area.

Pascal Nicolai first moved to America over ten years ago after an illustrious ten-year career as a real estate investment firm manager in France. He immediately saw a market for foreclosed homes, so he began with buying up poorly managed properties at a low price. Nicolai sunk investment money into these properties and resold them, creating value for his investors and building up the Miami beachfront area in the process.

Today, Pascal Nicolai manages one of the most lucrative real estate investment firms in the Miami area: Capital International Financial Fund. CI2F has attracted many investors to the area, drawn to Nicolai's previous success in the Miami real estate market and his sustained success in France for ten years before that. CI2F is committed to giving its customers a comprehensive layout of where their funds are going and why.