Pascal Nicolai - Wealth Manager of the Year

Pascal Nicolai was voted wealth manager of the year recently because of his dedication to getting the highest return on investment for his investors in his company, Capital International Financial Fund, or CI2F. CI2F was founded by Nicolai in December 2012 after his work buying up mortgaged and foreclosed properties in the Miami area for the seven years before trough PN INVEST LLC.

Pascal Nicolai got his start in investment banking in southern France in 1995, when he got his first real estate license and began working for one of the most prestigious investment firms in France, AVP Immo after earning a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Lycee Notre Dame of Sion. After his Bachelor's degree, Nicolai earned his DEUG at the University of Axi-Marielles III. Fortified by his solid education at some of the most prestigious institutions in France, the sky was the limit for Nicolai.

Pascal Nicolai moved on to create his own investment company in southern France called NL Vacon. After a few years developing NL Vacon into the investment giant it is today, he moved to South Florida where he began a company that resold foreclosed properties. He used that success to start Capital International Financial Fund, a new real estate investment firm that places the ability to get a high return on investment in the customers' hands. Nicolai prides his company on giving all of his investors the best options available. Today, Nicolai sits as one of the most prominent real estate developers and investors in the Miami area. He is always trying to expand his business into the development of his own property.

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