Pascal Nicolai - Welcomes Financial Partners

In 2009 after signing his signature a few times on paper, the real estate investor from France, Pascal Nicolai, founded his business venture, PN INVEST LLC and then in 2012 Capital Investment Financial Fund, LLC. (CIFF) and the founder and CEO of the company, Nicolai is extremely involved with any and all actions the company makes. There is no part of the company that does not receive the attention of the experienced real estate businessman.

The business has been very successful under the vision and guidance of CEO Pascal Nicolai. Taking the lessons he learned, the experience he gained and the knowledge of the business that he soaked in while working for nearly 20 years in France, Nicolai continued the accomplishment he had previously, into CI2F.

If there is one fact Pascal Nicolai has learned, it is that success does not come from just one person. This is why Nicolai is always willing to take offers from investors interested in gaining almost automatic money from their investment. Dating back four years, Nicolai has had a consistent return average above 25% on his investments. Though each and every investment is a risk, investors can see the consistency from the experienced professional. Nicolai, who has worked with investors in the past, notes that investors can expect a peak amount of up to 3% return on investment from traditional financial organization. This is a perfect investment for individuals who have money sitting in the bank and are looking to gain a higher percentage back than what the bank offers. Passive investors can let the professional handle the business while they sit back and relax, waiting for their return.