Pasto's Top 5: Apps

Apps that make my beard smile


Web apps are apps too right? Trello helps you organize anything (that's what they say). We use Trello at Tackk to organize our projects & I've even started using it for personal use just to organize the everyday to-do's I have in my life. Trello is also super easy to use.

I need to have music playing most of the time and Spotify has done an excellent job of being able to deliver that to me. I've completely stopped using iTunes after getting a Spotify subscription which also allows for mobile usage without ads!


TO THE CLOUD! Simply put this app just kicks ass. Drag things from your desktop to the cloud icon & it instantly places the URL on your clipboard. It's insanely useful & brilliantly simple. Shout out to @dan for filling me in on this one.

The Browser

In my opinion the modern web browser should be one of the 7 wonders of the world. As a web developer I marvel at the flexibility, speed, power & just the general WOW factor that this one piece of software can house. It is the blank canvas that you can plug anything into. If I had to choose a favorite, Chrome is what I use now daily & develop with but each of these are amazing apps. If you want to get a bit of the wow-factor yourself just browse the Mozilla Demo's.


MAMP is an app that opens the developer stack of Mac, Apache, MySQL, PHP. I love it because it allows me to develop offline: The Internet even when the internet isn't available. And for a guy who creates the internet that's not a bad deal.