Pastor John Wagner - Leader of Turning Point Community Church

As the leader of Turning Point Community Church, Pastor John Wagner has a quarter of a century of experience in full-time vocational ministry. Since becoming a youth pastor in 1987, he has served in several roles at various churches across the country, helping people celebrate Christ and Christianity. Under his leadership, the Texas-based Turning Point Community Church paid for two wells that will provide clean drinking water for a village of more than 400 people who previously had no access to drinking water. Pastor John Wagner also volunteers as the Apostolic Team Leader of Covenant Ministries International, working with more than 900 pastors in nearly 100 countries.

His leadership and ministry skills come from a strong educational background, beginning at Golden State University in California. At this school, he received a bachelor's degree in general education before getting his Master's degree at Honolulu University in theology and religion.

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