Patricia Duff

Politically Active Nonprofit Executive

About Patricia Duff

A leader in the political sphere, Patricia Duff heads The Common Good (TCG), an organization she founded dedicated to raising awareness of key political issues. The group brings together major political and intellectual stakeholders across the political spectrum for discussions, forums and panels on important issues and encourages greater participation in the political process. TCG has hosted such speakers as former President Bill Clinton, Governor Tom Vilsack, and Senator Chuck Hagel. Under Patricia Duff’s management, TCG has also sponsored cultural events, including screenings of documentaries and biographical films like "The Most Dangerous Man in America" and "Desert Flower" accompanied by discussions with filmmakers, cast members, and/or the subjects of the films.

Patricia Duff’s professional background includes a period with a Congressional Investigative Committee as Senior Researcher, Special Assistant to the Chief Counsel and Public Information Officer. The committee, convened by the United States House of Representatives, reexamined the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and President John F. Kennedy.

When not working, Duff pursues international travel, having visited such nations as China, South Africa, Turkey, India, the Czech Republic, and many others. She stays active by participating in outdoor sports like snow skiing and tennis.

The Common Good to Celebrate Selma Bridge Crossing in 2015

The founder and president of The Common Good, Patricia Duff helps foster nonpartisan political engagement and dialogue. Patricia Duff regularly organizes political discussions that allow diverse political thought leaders to explore relevant national issues. Over the years, The Common Good has hosted events featuring outstanding public figures such as Gary Sick and Jeffrey Sachs.

Gary Sick, a Middle Eastern affairs expert, joined the group in January 2014 to discuss the Iran-U.S. deal. As the top White House aide for Iran during the Iranian Revolution, Gary Sick shared his expert assessment on how the deal will impact security and peace around the world. Gary Sick has also gained expertise on the subject as a National Security Council member under multiple presidents and as a retired U.S. Navy captain. At present, he serves as an adjunct professor at the School of International and Public Affairs and as a senior research scholar at Columbia University’s Middle East Institute. In February 2014, The Common Good hosted a reception and dinner where one of the world’s top economic development experts, Jeffery Sachs, discussed the economic future. He addressed questions about consumerism and offered solutions for stimulating economic growth. A longtime economic advisor for numerous countries around the world, Sachs currently serves as the director of The Earth Institute and as a special advisor for United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon He. He is also a New York Times best-selling author and a health policy and management professor at Columbia University.

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