Patrick Mehlman


About Patrick Mehlman

Patrick Mehlman studied anthropology at Indiana University, graduating as a member of the Phi Beta Kappa honor society. Relocating to attend University of Toronto, he earned his MA and PhD in biological anthropology. Patrick Mehlman taught and conducted research at University of Toronto while continuing his education. As part of the department of anthropology, he studied Barbary macaques based in Morocco for his doctoral research and lectured in the graduate program.

Based in Washington, DC, Mehlman is the vice president of the Africa Region at Rare. Since joining in 2010, he worked in Global Program development, but has recently begun a development and conservation project in Mozambique. The project is based on marine conservation and management of fisheries, and allows him to draw on his expertise in ecology and community-based management.

As head of the Africa region, Patrick Mehlman hopes to take sustainable fishing projects into other regions of the Western Indian Ocean.