The Evolution of communist theory and Practice.

Karl Marx

Karl Marx was a person who opposed the treatment of workers during the industrial revolution. So he created his own economic system called Socialism. Socialism is when the factors of production are owned by the government. He believed that the proletariats would rise up against their Capitalistic managers. Capitalism is when the factors of production are owned by private owners.


Lenin was a Russian revolutionary who took the works of Marx to a whole new level. He was a man who believed that the revolution would only start by giving the people a push and having intellectuals lead them. He believed that this revolution was going to be the capitalists vs. the peasants and proletariats. Very different from Marx who only believed that it would be the proletariats. The fact that the Czars were terible rulers allowed Socialism to become really popular. his legacy would influence many communist rulers on how to run their country.

Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong was someone who took socialism and made it into a whole new regime. He believed that the revolution would take place in a rural area unlike Marx who believed that it would happen in a industrialized nation. He popularized through the red guard an army consisting of young adults who finally had a chance to freely express themselves. Zedong finally took control with communism by starting the Cultural Revolution. In which he got rid of the four olds and wanted to establish a new society.


By the inter war years Socialism had become Communism and it was not greatly liked by many. One person who opposed communism was General Francisco Franco Fascist ruler of Spain. As well as Hitler and his Nazis whose objective was to combat communism as well as get rid of the Treaty of Versailles. Fascism was a controlled society while communism was power given to the people.

North Korea

Communism began after World War II through a Korean woman named Alexandra Kim who lived in Russia and supported Lenin. Lenin sent her to Siberia to start a revolution with the Koreans and succeeded they held their first secret meeting in Seoul in 1918. about the same time that the Russian Revolution was happening. They began planing resistance against Japan. After World War II they were liberated from Japan people began rebelling against the Communist Regime. They then separated into what are now known as South Korea and North Korea.

So What?

I believe that the communist regime is a terrible economic system. I mean even our capitalist economic system is better than that. I can at least say it's not killing us. I guess the song express all my feelings towards these revolutionary movements.

Alfonso Flores
Period 3
February 20, 2014


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