Paul Olsen of Denver : Refrigeration Business

Paul Olsen of Denver and the Company Broker Group are committed to helping their buyers and sellers both benefit from the deals they can create. In South Metro Denver, they have a 55 year-old refrigeration service business for sale at $150,000 down and another $250,000 over time.

The company has a strong foundation of business, with a report of annual revenue at $2,277,000 in 2012 that grew to $2,348,000 in 2014 before a plateau at $2,200,000 approximately in 2014. The company now holds over $700,000 in accounts receivable, inventory, equipment and well-kept trucks and vans that will all be given to the buyer upon purchase.

The company services and installs refrigeration systems for commercial and government hospitality groups all throughout Colorado. They do walk-in coolers, freezers, ice machines, soda machines, and a wide variety of kitchen equipment that includes large cooking appliances. The business has been 100% absente-owned and run by a long standing manager for the past few years.

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