Paul Iaderosa

Former U.S. Army Officer and Operations Executive

About Paul Iaderosa

A veteran corporate executive, Paul Iaderosa most recently guided Atlanta, Georgia-based HD Supply (formerly Home Depot Supply) as senior vice president of operations and sourcing. He oversaw a full range of corporate operations, including supply chain logistics and vendor relationships. Paul Iaderosa also held responsibilities as president of the firm’s Canadian division. He achieved major savings in product sourcing and generated $200 million in cash flow through an innovative “Harmonization – Consolidation – Rationalization” program.

Mr. Iaderosa began his career in the U.S. Army in the mid-1980s and held command positions in Luxembourg and Germany. Directing maintenance operations, he led a pair of units that comprised more than 200 personnel. He also led Cold War patrols on the inter-zonal German border. Mr. Iaderosa’s private-sector experience includes a decade spent with General Electric Company in various leadership capacities. Joining the firm as a commodity team leader with the Connecticut-based GE Electrical Distribution & Control Division, he ensured that quality steel raw materials were sourced at the lowest available price. Paul Iaderosa ultimately held a position with GE as vice president of global manufacturing and sourcing, based in Duluth, Georgia.

The American Red Cross - Preparation Before Disaster Strikes

Paul Iaderosa, the vice president of operations, sourcing, distribution services, and Canada at HD Supply, has a strong background in business development and management. Outside of his professional life, Paul Iaderosa is involved with a number of charitable organizations, including the American Red Cross.

The American Red Cross is a nonprofit organization composed of employees, donors, and volunteers who work to provide care to those in need. The American Red Cross supplies disaster relief, supports military personnel and their families, stocks blood and blood products, and conducts courses on health and safety, both domestically and internationally.

In September 2013, the American Red Cross was recognized by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for its efforts to make U.S. communities safer and more prepared for disasters. The Red Cross received five honorable mentions for its ability to build resilience and confidence in communities even before an emergency occurs. Special recognition went to the Greater St. Louis Chapter, which worked to prepare disabled residents, the Mile-High Region, which collaborated with local fire departments to educate students on fire safety, and the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, which trained bilingual Chinese youth in first aid and life-saving skills, who in turn educated Chinese immigrants.

P&L Responsibility for Senior Executives

A senior executive with over two decades of corporate leadership experience, Paul Iaderosa served as senior vice president of operations and sourcing for HD Supply (formerly Home Depot Supply). In this position, he held full P&L responsibility for Crown Bolt, LLC, a Home Depot acquisition.

Skills and experience in P&L (profit and loss) responsibility and management are key for corporate executives in any industry. Partly due to the global economic recession, the ability to reduce costs while increasing profit has become more desirable than ever.

Today’s executives can learn important lessons and leadership attributes from their peers and role-models with experience in P&L responsibility. When making the decisions that create a profitable business model, executives should exercise objectivity, flexibility, and resourcefulness. Many senior executives advocate earning an MBA to learn crucial skills and financial terminology, and to show seriousness.

Successful P&L leaders demonstrate strong team leadership skills by communicating with employees about their impacts on the company’s financial state. P&L managers are good listeners who encourage creative development of diverse income-generation methods. In order for executives to improve P&L statements, they must believe in their ability to capitalize on savings opportunities and influence the outcome of events.

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