Pauline Dennigan Is One Of The Most Talented Wedding Photographers In Kerry

A wedding day is one of the major milestones in one’s life. Most people like to spend large amounts of money on a perfect wedding dress, beautiful decoration, delicious food and attractive venue to ensure they have the best of everything. We do so many things to create a perfect day, so that we can treasure those moments in our future. But, how much effort do we put in searching for that person who is going to capture every moment with accuracy and style? Yes, Your Wedding photographer. You need to find that wedding photographer who delivers the best photographs to represent your day as you remember it.

A few months later, the specifics will have blurred from peoples minds and the only thing that will be left is your artistic wedding photography album. That’s what people will look at and reminisce about through the years and that’s where you need to invest wisely. Today’s brides and grooms are in the main preferring reportage style wedding photography where there is a minimum of posed shots with the emphasis on capturing the emotion of the day.

So, you should consider spending a fairly decent portion of your budget on a professional experienced wedding photographer. Why not try something a little different than traditional wedding photography? Consider Dennigan Photography for your wedding day as Pauline is one of the most well know and popular Professional photographers who specialises in wedding photography. Pauline Dennigan is one of the most experienced and extremely talented wedding photographers in Kerry who follows a fresh and refined approach and really enjoys her work.

Although, there are many photographers in Killarney, Pauline has a unique talent at taking pictures following a reportage style with highlights on relaxed, un-posed and naturalistic wedding photography. She has the ability to recognise and capture the fleeting, authentic moments between the couples and other family members who are closest without saying a word. Once you decide the style you want, Pauline will be able to tweak her style based on what you want. She is a licensed and insured member of the Irish Professional Photographers Association. For further information about Pauline Dennigan or to make an appointment, you can contact her through email or browse through the website

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