Paul Lambert STaSIS

STaSIS Engineering Founder Offers Racecar Technology

About Paul Lambert STaSIS

Automotive enthusiast Paul Lambert founded STaSIS Motorsports more than a decade ago, having previously established himself as an engineering services provider to North American racecar teams with his company, CES Raceworks. Dedicated to providing racing expertise to OEMs, STaSIS Motorsports worked with Audi to create one of America’s top touring car teams. Building on the success of that company, in 2004 Paul Lambert founded STaSIS Engineering to bring racing capabilities to mainstream automotive customers.

A graduate of the International School of Brussels, the entrepreneur attended college in the United States at Carnegie Mellon University. He studied both mechanical and electrical engineering, and earned a bachelor of science in the latter in 1990. While a student, he worked as a control systems engineer at the utility technology company Westinghouse, and upon graduating, he joined Altera Semiconductor as an applications engineer. The engineer remained with the company for the next 10 years until founding CES Raceworks in 1999. In 2001, he launched STaSIS Motorsports.

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