Paul Lostritto

Parish Priest at st francis of assisi church

About Paul Lostritto

As an artist, public speaker, world traveler and Franciscan priest, Paul Lostritto possesses a plethora of talents that he uses to serve the community. Although born and educated in Connecticut, Lostritto has closer ties to New York and Massachusetts, where he serves the St. Francis of Assisi Church and St. Anthony's Shrine, respectively. At St. Francis, he applies his interpersonal skills to his duties as Sacramental Priest, which include celebrating daily Mass and hearing confessions. Lostritto also helped establish St. Anthony's Franciscan Food Center, an ample pantry in an accessible location that offers food to qualified families and individuals. As the center’s Co-Director, he actively supervises its 125 volunteers. In addition, he created the food center's “teaching kitchen” to help its patrons make healthy food and cooking choices.

Alongside his work with these churches and other projects, such as the Breadline for the Poor and the Dwelling Place, Paul Lostritto serves his community on a more personal level. After much experimentation and cultivation, Lostritto has developed a technique for creating beautiful glass paintings. He’s in the process of making paintings of the Saints, which will be photographed for use on prayer cards. Paul Lostritto also personally coordinates a bereavement group, whose focus is to facilitate healing for those experiencing grief.

Paul Lostritto enjoys traveling across the world and has been to countries in Europe, South America, Asia and North Africa. He hopes to someday travel to Australia and Antarctica in order to visit all the continents of the world. In addition to traveling, Lostritto is fond of bike riding and Bikram Yoga.

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