Paul Mathieson

IEG Holings Corp Founder Paul Mathieson

About Paul Mathieson

For nearly a decade, Paul Mathieson has served as Chief Executive Officer of IEG Holdings Corporation, a consumer finance company serving clients in Australia and the United States. Since he founded the company in 2005, IEG Holdings has provided loans valued at over $48 million to nearly 12,000 individuals in Australia. As a testament to the firm’s success, Opportunist Magazine’s Leslie Stone recently spoke with Paul Mathieson about the company’s innovative approach to unsecured personal loans.

Prior to establishing IEG Holdings, Mr. Mathieson founded IE Portfolio Warrants Pty Ltd in Sydney, Australia. He also previously served in management positions at ING Barings and Next Financial Pty Ltd.

Paul Mathieson studied finance and management at Bond University in Gold Coast, Australia, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce. While attending the school, he won the Tapan Sinha Prize for Finance as well as the Stockbroking Prize for Finance. After graduating, he went on to earn a Master of Applied Finance at Macquarie University in Sydney.