Paul Savramis

The founder and Director of Rising Stars, Inc.

About Paul Savramis

For more than three decades, Paul Savramis dedicated his efforts to advocate for and provide opportunities to young people. His most notable endeavor is Rising Stars Inc., a nonprofit organization he established to teach youth values and life skills through sports. As Executive Director, Paul Savramis guided the group in assisting numerous children. Many grew up to enter professional sports leagues such as the National Basketball Association, but many more went on to graduate college. During his tenure, Rising Stars received recognition from the Governor of New York and the President of the United States. In addition, Paul Savramis partnered with local and national organizations such as the Long Island Lutheran Middle & High School, PAL, YMCA, and Boy Scouts of America to create summer camps and outreach initiatives. Last year, shortly before Paul Savramis retired as a full-time executive, Rising Stars held a gala to raise funds and awareness attended by numerous athletes. This year, Savramis returned as Director of Operations and the gala doubled in size.

Paul Savramis prepared for his career by studying at Queens College in Flushing, New York. He focused on physical education, special education, and child psychology. He also gained experience in martial arts, basketball, and aquatics. He graduated with a dual Master’s degree before accepting his first professional post.

Paul Savramis joined the American Red Cross in the Greater New York area, where he oversaw the training of water safety instructors and lifeguards. After several years, he joined Westchester Day School as the Director of Physical Education. Simultaneously, he established the Eastern Invitational Basketball Camps (EIBC) and Nick Bollettieri’s Eastern Tennis Camps. EIBC consisted of summer camps, clinics, tournaments, and overseas competitions. He drew on this experience for Rising Stars, which has also facilitated international games and travel opportunities for young players.

The Rising Stars Private Education Fund’s Scholarship Programs

Rising Stars, Inc., founder Paul Savramis has substantial leadership experience in sports and education. The former executive director of the New York metropolitan area nonprofit, Paul Savramis remains interested in addressing the needs of at-risk teens. Scholarship programs provide those with limited financial means a vital conduit for accessing the organization’s services.

The Rising Stars Private Education Fund provides children who are unlikely to succeed within the public school system the opportunity to attend a private education facility. Now encompassing five distinct programs, the fund was established in honor of Ted Virtue, who was selected Rising Star’s 2012 Man of the Year.

Strict selection criteria include a minimum of two years’ program participation and demonstrated dedication to academic achievement. Family members must also demonstrate commitment; in addition to meeting regularly with the Rising Stars team to discuss their child’s performance, they must commit to paying a small percentage of the tuition. To learn more about the nonprofit’s scholarship programs, visit

Kids Basketball Coach Tyrone Green Recognized for Outstanding Service

Rising Stars founder and former director Paul Savramis has dedicated himself to serving at-risk New York City youth for more than 15 years through various foundation programs. Recently, Rising Stars congratulated a long-time friend of Paul Savramis, Tyrone Green, for the accomplishments Green has made as an inspirational inner-city youth basketball coach.

In 2010, Tyrone Green was the recipient of the prestigious Lewis Hine Award, given to individuals who have demonstrated an on-going commitment to enhancing the development and well-being of young people. Coach Green has shown leadership in programs designed to keep kids off drugs, out of gangs, and going to school.

With a background that includes growing up in Queens’ Astoria Housing Projects, Green has devoted himself to bettering the lives of urban kids. For more than 20 years, he has been a well-known figure in the community due to the basketball clinics he has organized. Several children whom Green coached now play on professional teams, including Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls.

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