The Coastal Plains

and Everything Wonderful About It

The blue highlighted area is the reach of the Coastal Plains across Georgia.

Tourism and Attractions

The Coastal Plains consists of plenty of attractions, from the border of the Piedmont to the coast.  This includes the city of Macon, which is home to historical sights dating back to the American Civil War.  Then, down in the southern Plains, there is the Okefenokee Swamp.  Being the second largest swamp in the world, it is home to lots of wildlife.  Then, at the coast of the state are the Barrier Islands.  These also host lots of wildlife (including Cumberland Island and its wild horses).  At the coast, there is also the city of Savannah, which is the oldest city in Georgia.  Its architecture and style is sure to amaze.  The rest of the physical Coastal Plains is mostly farms across flat land, with a few major cities throughout.

Some of the Okefenokee Swamp.
An example of architecture in Savannah, GA.

Business in the Coastal Plains

The popular industries in the Coastal Plains include the farming, and tourism industries.  At the coast, there are the fishing and shipping industries.

The fishing industry is large at the coast.
Farming is a huge part of the Coastal Plains region.

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