Frederick Talon                                                                        Anastasie Talon

   New France                                                                              Paris, France

  June 02 1608                                                                            June 02 1608

Cher Momma,

Hello, it is me Frederick! I have made it to New France safe and sound. Life here is a lot harder than what we had expected but it is all worth it right? My employer is a mean and ruthless man who does not care for the well being of his workers, but I guess It is the price I pay for wanting to start a new life in New France seeing as I had no future back home. The living conditions are very poor. I live in a barn with five other males, we constantly hear the scurrying of rats on the troughs above but that is not as bad as how long we work in a day. From before sunrise to after nightfall we are constantly doing tedious work for our employer without any break. The scary part is that if we make a mistake or we disrespect him in any way we get beaten or branded. Two people have been branded in the past three days. On the bright side, once my contract is over in three years I shall be a free man, I will obtain my own land, find myself a beautiful wife, have children and just live the way I want to. I hope all is well with you and papa, let me know how things are going.

Lots of love,


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