The Lady's Man

  • Patrick Swayze. One of the best dancers of Hollywood history. My woman's heart wants to start by mentioning his beauty, that leaves the world speachless. Patrick Swayze was known for his talent as an actor and as a dancer. Patrick Swayze was born in 1952 in Houston, Texas, United States. Since he was a kid, the fabulous man started to dance at his mother's dance school, since she was a choregrapher. He continued to dance and went to New York, where he started dancing in Broadway productions. Later on, he married the lucky Lisa Niemi, who was the first and only wife of his short life. His role in Dirty Dancing, as Johny Castle, is one of the most important and of the most remembered of all times. Why did I choose Patrick Swayze? Because he is an inspiration, a role model. As a dancer, I found him extremely talented and dedicated to what he loved the most : dance. I think everybody needs to live for a reason, and Patrick Swayze shows that living for your passion only can make you happy. All his life, he danced. When he became famous at Hollywood, he still danced. He married the girl of his life, that he met when he was 15 at his mother’s dance school. He always remained himself, and that’s why he inspired and still inspires me so much. To the world, he left the most beautiful classic dance movies. Even if he became alcoholic because of his father’s death, he fought and cured. He died of pancreatic cancer in 2009, leaving the world in pain and sadness.

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