Video Games Aren't The Devil

Video Games are often considered a source of negative influence for all teens and children. But most people aren't aware that the cons of video games may be the child's fault and don't realize that video games have benefits as well.

Some parents think that their child shouldn't play video games because of the violent content contained inside though most of them never do any research on the matter, or even ask their kids on their thoughts on the subject. From the research adults can find out how most of the time the only time video games can have negatives on children is when they have behavior issues in the first place. Video games content can reinforce the problems the person has.      

Video games can have numerous benefits to the player. For example puzzle games require a player to have higher level thinking skills and decision making skills to be able to pass the game.Fast intense games can give a person good hand-eye co-ordination. Even little things like the player becomes more of a team player or improve their social skills to have more friends. people can even improve their self confidence by playing video games. These so called time wasters and life ruiners have so much positive things to offer.

Video games are not at all the big chest full of negatives influences. The positives out weigh any negatives people can say. If you still don't believe me, go do some research of your own. Who knows, you might learn something.

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