In MY Dreams

In My dream people are happy,
In my dream is that they are making peace ,
In my dreams they are making friendship
In my dream they are perfect.

In my dream they are making great harmony with each other,
In my world they are comforting,
And helping one another,
In my dream , everyone is loving.

In my dream everyone is free,
They are like eagles soaring through the air,
In this dream of mine,
This magical place of mine,
where there will be unending love, and unending joy.

In my dream, we will be happy,
And we will all be united with each other,
In my dream where we can all be loving,
In this dream of mine where I hope to be one day,
And this it the place I can call home.

Self Image

I used to be terrible at my athleticism,
I always came is last place,
And nobody would pick me,
But now ,
I am athletic,
I don't get come in last anymore
And I don't get picked last anymore,
And I am better at sports now.

I used to be slow at running,
I would never win races,
And used to be the slowest in my class,
But now I am fast,
I train everyday,
And I am not the slowest in the class anymore,

I used to be mean to everyone,
I always mad fun of people,
And I always made fun bullied them,
But now I am nice,
I encourage one another,
And i am always willing to help others.

I used to be bad at making people laugh,
Every time i tried to be funny,
I couldn't,
And I tried to make jokes but it wouldn't work.
But now,
I am funny,
I can make people laugh now,
And make funny jokes.

I used to be loud
And always talked to people,
And wasn't afraid to talk to people,
But now I am shy,
I don't like to talk to people a lot,
I am afraid to talk to them now.

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