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We guarantee that you'll get better price vs. any licensed or accredited pawn broker. Just Call 800-353-4555 and :1) An asset expert will appraise your item(s).2) You will get a free quote on the amount you can borrow, or sell your item for, and the terms.3) Ship your item(s) for free, get a final appraisal and terms. If you do not like the terms, we ship it back free and always 100% insured.4) Then Money is sent directly into your bank account.
So take five minutes, make a phone call to 800-353-4555, and get your cash tomorrow at rates up to 80% (2.99-5.99%) lower than pawn shops, cash advance places, payday loan shops, personal loans, or even bank loans.
We are looking for items over $250 and these types :
Luxury Watches • Jewelry • Diamonds • PreciousMetals • Electronics • Designer
Handbags • Artwork • Collectibles • Georgia Titles

We Beat Ohio Columbus Cleveland Cincinnati Toledo Akron Pawn Shops and Pawn Shops in Ohio for price, and lowest rates!

We offer online pawn loans a unique type of asset lending allowing
you to borrow against luxury assets you already own instead of leveraging your
future credit. What that means is that ePawnMarket specializes in turning
“Things into Fast Cash.” There are two very different ways an online pawn loan
can be a solution to receive cash in your bank account within 24-48 hours and
ePawnMarket offers both. We loan you cash and hold your asset until you pay us
back “Or” We will purchase your luxury item today.

The important thing to remember is that with an online pawn loan
you have choices when looking to access the cash equity in your luxury items.
You need cash now and our goal is to offer you more ways to get the help you
need fast. EpawnMarket understands that you have worked hard for the luxury
items you own and we intimately understand the investment you have made in
“things” like your luxury watches, diamonds, jewelry, electronics, collectibles,
and other valuable assets. We recognize these types of items as acceptable pawn
shop collateral for an online pawn loan even though most
traditional lending institutions do not.

Your online pawn loan allows you to never give up ownership of your
luxury valuable. Your items are safe and insured from the moment they leaves
your hands with FedEx, while being stored in our secure facility under 24/7
surveillance, to the moment FedEx returns it back to your door safe and sound.
We simply hold your luxury item in our secure facility until you pay the pawn
loan off. Retain the equity in your valuable no matter what the market is doing.
Resale value on pre-owned luxury assets often fluctuates and finding a willing
buyer for expensive luxury items can often be a lengthy process. You may have
silver coins or even luxury watches that are not currently bringing top dollar.
Use the equity in these items to get fast cash now and hold on to your asset or
heirloom for a rainy day.

Online pawn loans utilize industry leading evaluations of your luxury asset
and guarantee you the most cash possible from any online pawn shop. It is our
goal to evaluate your asset accurately so that we can loan you the cash you
need. Our expert appraisers use a proprietary system to get a real time cash
value of your item. Keep in mind that your pawn loan collateral is only being
held by ePawnMarket until you pay the loan off. With that understanding it is
obvious that accurate appraisals are an important part of the pawn loan process
and key to mutually responsible pawn shop lending as well as pawn loan

Online pawn loans are discrete, convenient, and safe. Your privacy and
confidentiality are always protected here at ePawnMarket. You have a choice not
to pay back your online pawn loan. Life happens and even though you originally
intended on using the cash for a few months then paying the loan off we
understand things happen. That's important to remember. There is no consequence
to not paying this online pawn loan off with cash because you always have the
option to forfeit ownership of your pawned collateral to settle the loan. We
never check your credit and we never report to any credit agency. Your
pawn loan transaction begins and ends securely within our
online pawn shop for Ohio Columbus Cleveland Cincinnati Toledo Akron

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