Reflection of Meaning
Chapter 10

Lori Streu Ed. S./LPC

Reflection of Meaning (Content)

*Deeper sense of what is going on
*Focus on KEY words (content)
*Is a catalyst to to a deeper level

What Happens When You Use It...

*New perspective (new, fresh view)
*Client more in control
*Client makes their own discoveries
*Sometimes the client is unaware of the message they are communicating themselves

How You Do This... (2 steps)

1. Elicit client meaning (Client talks)
2. Counselor reflects back the essential meaning and value words
*Co helps Cl boil it down to the most important part (the meaning)

Some Examples of Reflection of Meaning

"You were aggravated when he didn't think about your needs..."
"After the disagreement you were discouraged..."
"She challenges you and makes you feel like you aren't smart enough"
"When you talk about this it's painful"
"You feel less pressured now"


*It's a way of looking at something differently--"restory"
*How does the client make sense of the issue?
*Deeper meaning leads to new view
*Co then looks for an alternative meaning to feed to Cl
*Reframe: put a NEW frame around an old view--looks different!
*Cl often old on to unworkable stories, ineffective thinking, and self-defeating behaviors
*Sometimes presentation makes all the difference...

Example of reframe:

Mom leaves dad because dad drinks and is verbally abusive to the entire family. Kids wonder what life will look like form them from now on.


Now there is no more verbal abuse and mom and the kids live in an alcohol-free environment.