Government of Japan

By: Tierra Nelson

The Constitutional Monarchy of Japan

   The government of Japan is a constitutional monarchy. It is led by an emperor , prime minister , and a  cabinet. The emperor is head of state but doesn't have any real power , and the prime minister leads the government , and he appoints the cabinet. The cabinet helps the prime minister lead the country. The emperor is passed down through blood relations. The prime minister is chosen by the Diet. The cabinet is chosen by the prime minister. Japan has a legislature called the National Diet. The National Diet is chosen by the citizens of Japan. Citizens of Japan must be twenty years and older to vote , and they must be 25 to run for House of Representatives and 30 to run for House of Councilors.

   The government of the United Kingdom and Japan are related in some way. They both have a prime minister , and a king or queen that is a figure head. Japan has a National Diet , but the United Kingdom doesn't. The voting age for citizens in Japan is 20 years and older , but the voting age in the United Kingdom is 18.

The Japanese Flag
The National Diet of Japan

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