Senior Area Manager

Putting in long hours in your business? I know how it is; we get addicted to the business. The business is your baby and you want to control every aspect of every detail. Yet, you, yes YOU are hurting your business,you are hurting your family and yourself.

Your Business: What is your absorption rate? What are key critical variable numbers? What is your plan for your business? What is your strategy? When are you going to get control and take it to the next level? What is your asset protection strategy(not insurance)? What is your tax strategy-(not from CPA)? What’s your Z Score? What is your actual breakeven level? When did you last benchmark your business compared to others in the industry and to your own top numbers? Who is your biggest competitor? Etc.

Your Family: Did you tuck in your children in last night? Did you read them a book yesterday? Where you there for their games and their performances? Letting your child know that you are there for them is so very important. When was last time you surprised your partner? Your children did not sign up for this. When was the last time you surprised each child? Etc. You and Friends: When was the last time you took time out for yourself in whatever you enjoy?