Entertainment Project

By, Dalton Sjodin

Movie Poster Review

I like this movie poster because it is simple and understandable. You can tell it is a super hero movie by the way it is set up and it also shows marvel on it and usually marvel is super hero movies. It also shows the main characters that are going to be in the movie. It also makes people want to see the movie because it shows a guy smashing down on earth and making a big dent in the ground. You can also try to guess who the bad guys are by the way the color of each persons eyes. It leaves people wondering about why he smashed on the ground leaving a big indent and why there is rocks floating in the air. The guy that is smashed down into the ground you can kind of guess that he is the guy named thor or who the movie is about because he is in the center of the movie poster. By the way his face looks it looks like it would be a serious movie. I would give this poster a 5 out of 5 rating because it makes people wondering what is happening in this scene.

Should small amusement/theme/water parks try to emulate Disney Parks? Why or Why not?

I think they should try to because then they can try to compete with the big parks so than they can get more customers. They can make there prices cheaper so than more people would want to go there because they will save money by going to this park instead of a super expensive one. You might not get the same experience as a big park but you can still have fun at the smaller ones. If you make the prices cheaper and have more discounts for people you wont make as much money but if you get more customers you will make a lot of money and just keep upgrading until you are some big park. Then people will start going into your park instead of the Disney parks. If they don't try to emulate the big Disney parks they wont ever get any more customers and loose money and eventually run out of business. So I would say they should try to emulate the big companies other wise they arn't going to make it.

3 things you should avoid and 3 things you should do for amusement and theme park marketers

Amusement and theme park marketers should try to keep customers interested in the park, Create a unique memory for the customers, and create pricing strategies so that everyone is willing to pay. They should keep them interested in the park by creating new rides and new places they can do things at so they don't have to do the same thing over and over again and that gets really boring over time.They should create some unique memory's for the customers so they will remember the park and want to come back and they will also tell there friends about the park so they will come to the park and it just goes on and on like that. They should create pricing strategies so that if there is a big group of people that are all together they will get a discount at the door so they wont have to pay as much. They could also have if you are a certain age you can get in for a cheaper price than the regular price.

Things they should avoid are getting the customers annoyed because they don't have any new rides and new discounts, or the customers just get bored of going there from no new rides. They should also keep up with new rides or the customers will stop going to yours and go to new parks.

Movie Trailer Review

I think this trailer is a really good movie trailer because it shows the intense part of the movie and then right before something happens it stops that scene and goes to a different one. I like how it starts out because it shows a big car accident and traffic jam and it makes you wonder what happened right there. Then after that it shows a big city crashing down and it makes you wonder how would that even happen. After that it shows a flyover of what the city looks like after something big walked through there destroying everything in its path it also shows the statue of liberty broken. Then some thing big comes out of the water and causes a big tsunami across the city destroying everything in its pass. It also then shows a nuclear bomb going off. Then after that it shows a bunch of little scenes not as big as the beginning ones then it ends with Godzilla coming through the city while a person was closing a door. This trailer makes you want to see the movie because it leaves you hanging and you want to see what happened. I would give this trailer a 5 out of 5 rating because it shows those intense scenes that leave you hanging to see the movie.

3 Marketing Strategies Movie Marketers Should use and Why?

Three strategies movie marketers should use are have star actors in your movie, put a lot of advertisement on social media, and put a commercials on Tv. They should at least have one star actor in their movie because then the people who want to watch the movie can relate to a actor and think the movie will be good because it has star actors in it. They should advertise on social media such as Facebook or twitter because it is free and once one person shares it all those persons friends will see the post about your movie and will share it and it goes on and on . That is a great way of advertising because it is free and really easy and it gets your movie across the world and country. They should also put advertisement on tv because you can have the trailer on there and more people will see it like people who don't have social media can see it. It may cost more but it will still get your movie out across the country and world. Those are some good tips for movie marketers.

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