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by:isabel Jimenez

Dear Reader,
Josephinum is an all-girls school on the north side with easy access for a variety of girls. Josephinum was founded in 1890 by the Sisters of Christian Charity. Josephinum is part of the Sacred Heart Network. It is amazing how big the Sacred Heart Network is, and it is amazing to be part of a Sacred Heart school. What really is amazing is how the Jo prepares students for college. The major goal is to get into college, not only into college but with a scholarship.

Being at the Jo is like being in one big family. When I first walked into Josephinum I was amazed how close the seniors are. What really helps girl connect is how small the class sizes are. Most schools probably have 30-50 kids in a classroom. At Josephinum the max could be close to 12. Another thing that sets us apart from most schools is how nice and caring the teachers are. The teachers at the Jo help you understand the lesson in the best possible way. They’re also really easy to talk and they understand you. What also is amazing is the wise freedom Josephinum gives you; students are allowed to have their iPad out and accessorize their uniform.

I am happy at Josephinum and will not be transferring. Josephinum has made me a better student. In eighth grade my grades were horrible; I was in the lower classes because I had a learning problem. Coming into freshman year I was scared that I would be failing and have to repeat. Then the second week of school came and I looked at Schoology and I had all A's. At first I didn't have faith in myself and said this isn't going to last. Then first semester finished and the all A's stuck. Now next year I will be in honors Geometry and Women's Lit. I have never been so proud of myself. Josephinum means so much to me because if I went somewhere else I don't think I would have gotten the grades I have earned. Another reason Josephinum means so much to me is because I have meet some amazing people here. I am a very shy person, so I have never made a lot of friends. What is so different from other schools is that Josephinum has so many activities to help build friendships. Josephinum is an amazing school that every girl should explore.

Javier Jimenez leaving for Iraq ceremony and goodbye.

A Veteran's Memory

By:Isabel Jimenez

Javier Jimenez is a husband and a dad of three. Currently he is working as a drill instructor at the Cook County jail and wants to further his career as a sheriff’s police. Jimenez retells his story of being young and starting his career in the National Guard as part of the Bravo Company. "Leaving my family was the hardest thing to do, but I had to do what was right", says Jimenez. Javier shares his journey as a true hero.

Isabel: How was your Memorial weekend?

Javier: It was good. Me and my family went to Great America.

Isabel: Where were you born?

Javier: I was born in Victoria City,Mexico.

Isabel: When did you join the army? How old were you?

Javier: I joined in 1988 and I was 19 years old.

Isabel: What wars have you served in?

Javier I am a veteran of the Gulf War and the Iraq War.

Isabel: What countries have you been to?

Javier: Germany, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq,and Paris.

Isabel: What was it like to be in the Chicago Sun Times?

Javier: It was exciting and I wanted to tell my story.

Isabel: What did you want to be when you were little?

Javier: I wanted to be a reporter.

Isabel: What was your job in the army?

Javier: Helicopter repairman, and door gunner.

Isabel: When did you officially get out of the national guard?

Javier: December, 2007.

All Women are Beautiful

By: Isabel Jimenez

Being in an all-girls school is less stressful than being in a coed school. If I went to a coed school I would have to wake up at 4:30 just to do my hair and my make-up and probably look for the perfect outfit. Lucky enough for me, I wake up at 6:20am get dressed, eat breakfast, and wait for my dad to pick me up and drop me off at the bus stop. In today’s society women think that if you don't have the perfect makeup or outfit people will think less of you. InStyle reports that women spend $15,000 on makeup in their lifetime. Magazines put thoughts in your head that if you buy all the best products that your prince will sweep you off your feet, or that job promotion you want will magically come to you just because you’re wearing expensive, perfect looking makeup. Makeup companies also paint the thoughts in our head that it's not only for a special guy or anything else, but it for us. Wearing makeup will make you not only feel pretty but raise your confidence level. I have even worn makeup because I wanted to stand out and make myself known to the people around me. People fall for it and next thing you know that is on their shopping list. I have even bought a mascara for 20 dollars just because I was swooned by a commercial. The companies target young women by bringing in models and having women think that this is what you will look like if you by this product. Many times I have walked in the bathroom and I see one or two girls doing their makeup. My thought is “What’s the need? We're are in all-girl school?” Then I go home and see the commercial and I know why.

Women need to know that they’re beautiful with or without makeup. Women should know that you do not have to by the most expensive makeup to stand out in the crowd. Being yourself if the best way to make friends or achieve anything else you are trying to accomplish. There is no need for all the makeup; just be the person you want to be. Don't give the makeup companies the power they have over us women. I am not saying throw away all your makeup; just don't but as much or wear as much.Just let your true skin breathe and show everybody your true self. Let them see you as a person, not a product of L'oreal or Benefit. By being yourself you are showing people the real you. Allow people to see that you don't need makeup to be confident; that you are confident all by yourself. That is how you get a promotion or the perfect guy, showing off your inner beauty and that you're not scared of a little bag under your eye or that one small pimple. The women that don't need to wear makeup to school or work are a true inspiration.

Opi vs Essie Neon Collection

By:Isabel Jimenez

Summer is almost here and the one thing that should be on your summer list is nail polish. Recently Opi and Essie nail polish launched their neon collection. A famous nail artist who has a nail blog called Missjenfabulous states " opi neon collection colors really pop because of the base color". If you want your summer nails to stand out use Essie and opi. Opi has 6 nail polishes plus a bas coat that makes the colors pop. The colors are vibrant and only need one coat. Essie also has 6 new nail polishes. The nail polishes also have vibrant colors. However, these are lighter than the opi. Unlike the Opi, these don't need a white base coat because they're bright on their own

Nail Polish Freak
By: Isabel Jimenez

Anyone who knows me knows that I have an obsession with nail polish. I have 87 nail polish and yes I counted. My Instagram page is filled with other nail artist. Even though I am not as good as some as the professional, I try my best. Even though I may not be so good at the after clean up I still love doing nails. What I love about doing my nails is that it is a great stress reliever. I encourage anybody who is stress to try it.

This is a green mani I did in honor of my dad race.(The Shamrock Shuffle)
A super easy flower nails that I accomplished with a dotting tool.
A Galaxy nail that I did. Also perfect because of the name of the news paper.

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