Weaponry Nowadays

                     Why is there no usage of the nuclear bombs in many years?

There have been no usage of nuclear weapons in countless years and there is still very little expectancy of nuclear bombs at any point in the future.

There are beliefs that the reason nuclear weapons have ended is due to the effects that appear after the nuclear explosions.

Nuclear bombs are great big explosions in which could leave unbelievably massive wholes in the earth's surface. They have only been used twice, none in which were used by Americans.

There are very little amounts of Pros to the idea of nuclear weapons at all but there are some. For example, the usage will not appear for a long period of time probably. The percentage of nukes being used are very low, which is definitely a pro, rather than a con.  There are very many cons, for example, the mass destruction it can cause to the earth's surface.

Because there is no usage, doesn't mean that it's stored. The Americas still own their share of nuclear activity in case it becomes a necessity to use.

Here is a video on top weapon advancements from the past and soon to come.

Just be Aware

Aside from the nuclear weapons there is still belief that some time in the near future there will be advancements in the weapon field. This video gives a brief look at some of the weapons in the making and working on advancements.

All technology will be increased one day and in this case looks like the form of technology would be the common weapons. The scientific knowledge that many people in the world have helps with these advancements. There are soon very many to come.

Here you will see a website that gives good information on different types of weapon advancements including the usage of nuclear weapons as well. There are several links in the site that you can choose to help better understand the advancements in weapons.

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