My goal in this post is to let you know the general purpose of my program... a little bit about civil engineering which is my passion. This program requires the basic knowledge about mathematics, physics and chemistry.

Civil engineering is the branch of engineering that designs, manages and performs works such as houses, buildings, bridges, viaducts, roads, dams, canals and ports. Second, a civil engineer designs, manages and monitors all stages of a construction or renovation. Our job includes analysis of soil characteristics, the study of insolation and ventilation of the place of the construction, and the definition of the types of foundations. Based on this information, the professional of civil engineering develops the project, specifying the networks of electricity, plumbing and sanitation of the building and defining the material that will be used.

At the construction site, the civil engineer leads work teams, overseeing deadlines, costs, quality standards and safety. The responsibility of the engineer is to guarantee the stability and security of the building, calculating the effects of winds and temperature changes in the strength of materials used in the construction. This professional can also dedicate itself to the administration of building resources, managing the infrastructure and occupation of a building.

Above, we have a picture of one of the most nice constructions in the world. A construction which was necessary much technology to be built. The name of the place is Palm island, and it is situated in Dubai.