Less-harmful Alternative to Tobacco Smoking

Electronic cigarettes containing nicotine cannot be lawfully sold in Australia. These devices have never been legal here because of the restrictions that apply under poison control regulations. Now that nicotine e cigarettes are becoming more prevalent around the world, there is growing interest in their sale in Australia. Like most issues that involve public policy, science and commercial interests, the facts become confused in the debate.

E cigarettes containing smoking cigarettes cannot be legally marketed in Sydney. These gadgets have never been legal here because of the limitations that apply under toxins control rules. The customized way of life around the acceptability of smoking cigarettes use in Sydney children is one of our nation’s great public health recommendations. Three years ago, one in five Sydney children older 12 to 15 would light up in a typical week. Now it’s around one in 25 and dropping.

The actions of Sydney young people reveals that of adults. Kids used in large numbers because it was desire and shiny. Cigarettes promotion also preferred to glamorize smoking cigarettes use in a way that becomes a large hit to teenagers. One look at the online promotion of e cigarettes and you can see the same old methods for attractive and obsessive teenagers, renamed for the digital age. But if e cigarettes do not become very typical, history says their attract young Australians will be limited.

Electronic cigarettes are promoted as a less-harmful substitute to smoking cigarettes cigarettes and in some cases as a way for tobacco users to stop. But there is a deficiency of proof that e cigs help tobacco users to stop. There are also issues that e cigs could keep tobacco users dependent to cigarettes by offering a smoking cigarettes hit in smoke-free locations.

Therapeutically approved smoking cigarettes cigarettes substitute items are already available as an aid to providing up and these are not promoted in a way that glamorizes their use and provides a risk to impressionable teenagers.

Moreover, while e-cigarette nicotine is almost certainly less dangerous than smoking cigarettes, they are not safe. As well as the threat that they may re-normalize smoke use in adolescents, there are issues that e-cigarette nicotine and other unidentified material could cause damages in customers and in nonusers revealed to second-hand pollutants. There is a belief that e cigarettes are a risk to the cigarettes industry, so they must be a great thing. The fact is major cigarettes companies are making an investment intensely in the development and marketing of e cigarettes. That alone should indicate that there are similar and the actual marketplaces for flammable and e cigarettes.

It is also a serious issue that non-nicotine e cigarettes are available in Sydney, can be legally sold to children, and are subject to no manage. This is despite the threats they cause in re-normalizing smoke use in adolescents to whom they are clearly focused, with fruits and energy drink flavors, as well as cigarettes flavors. So when weighing up the risks and potential benefits of electronic cigarettes, we must exercise extreme caution. We have too much at stake to risk a return to the bad old days when the majority of Australians regularly sucked on a cigarette and kids thought it was cool to emulate them. For more information visit the site http://www.e-cigarette-nicotine.com/ .

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