Author- Adeline Yen Mah

Setting- There are a lot of different settings through out the story, but the story starts inTianjin.

Expositon- A life of a 4 year old girl who's life isn't fair because her family belives she is bad luck because of her mothers death once she was born.  The om person who cared for her truely was her aunt. They were best friends.

Rising Action-  She got abused physically and mentally by her step siblings. Adeline see's the real side of her step mother when her father is out of town. They treat her absolutely horribly, they call her names, and mentally and physically hurt her. She can't wait till her father gets back. She may be ignored still but at least she won't gét as mistreated. And at least she will have her aunt there.

Climax- Adeline had gotten sent to a boarding school in Hong Kong that you needed to speak english or french to get into the school. All Adeline did tre was read books in the library all day but she didn't care. Adeline was actually happy. No hurt and no stress. Adeline Decided to enter a playwright competition.

Falling Action- Since everyone else went home for the holidays her father came and got her because Adeline won 1st in the competion and got into a school in England.

Resolutuion-  Adeline had a happy ending. Adeline was actually noticed in her family, she was noticed. She wanted to study literature but her fathers condition was medicine so she took that instead. Adelynbstarted studying in London. Her sunt told her herblife was similar to cinderellas, their mothers died at birth but and they had s rough life but the acheived great accomplishments and was noticed.

Summary- Adelyn's mom died at Adelines birth and her father got re-married so now she has step siblings and a steo mother. The steps treat her horibbly and abuse her mentally and physically. She goes to a school in Hong Kong and wins a competition and goes to a school in England and actually gets noticed in her family. Through rough times, Adeline has a very happy and great endin

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