Self-Reflection Paul Lang

My Career Cluster Areas

Architecture and Construction

Architects are responsible for buildings highways and bridges. You make designs for those things. Or you would use the plans to build the building and manage the construction workers.

Transportation, distribution, and Logistics

Transportation, distribution, and logistic one thing you can do with this cluster is help move people whether it be by air road boat railroad.  You would drive or pilot many different types of vehicles.

Agriculture, Food, and Natural resources

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources you would raise plants and animals for food or study. These products include animals plants such as lumber fabrics. You may also help ranchers in decisions on there ranch.

My Key Interest Areas RIS

Realistic- people who are realistic like hands on easy to learn activities they likes tools woodworking and enjoy working outside.

Investigative-  like to do things more with thinking rather than physical activity

Social- like to work with others to promote learning and personal development

Careers  I Would Consider: Stone mason roofers

My Personality Traits

My Personality traits: EFSP

E- Extrovert - outgoing overly social

S- sensing- teacher helps others

F- Feelings- you express yourself threw your feelings rather than rasional thoughts

P- Percieveing- to be aware of what is going on around you

Careers you would consider: Comedian therapist talk show host salesman social worker

My Strongest Skill Area

My strongest skill areas that i would like to find in my work area would be: Hands on learning, Friendly people with my interests, Outside, Something with my hands, and a good boss whom I trust and will help me in a moment of need.

My work Value Locator

My Most Important Work values: Money, Good hours, Good co-workers, vacation time, and Insurance

Careers I would consider due to my work values: Construction management, Stone Mason, Physical therapist, Teacher, Marine Biologist

What I Learned About Myself

What I learned about my self is that many of the things that I thought would be my favorite careers actually were not what happened to be picked for me when I did all of the calculators. it was a exceptional way for me to learn about many different careers that I now am considering.

The Higher The Truck The Closer To God

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