How I Portray Myself

My friends see me as a happy and enregetic person how is eassy to get along with. My friends like to be around me because I'm not boring and I like to have fun

My family sees me as a totally different person.  At home I'm quiet but sociable because I'm always out with my friends.

My teachers probably see me as a quiet and shy person because I don't answer to many questions in class and I din't socialize to much in class

I portray my self depending how I'm with.



My Alter-Ego

If I had to portray myself as another person t would be someone that is a boring, unhappy, not fun to be around kind of person.

I'm different form this alter-ego because I'm not boring, unhappy and I'm fun to be around. On the weekend I like to go to my friends house and watch moives or go to wonderland.

I wound never wont to me my alter-eog.


How I Want To Bee Seen

If I could portray a different persons it  would be that my teachers would see me like my family and friends see me.

I wish that my teachers saw me as a happy energetic fun to be around person like my friend see me as

And I also wish that they would see me how my family sees me asa responsible sociable parsons.   

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