F451 Theme connection

Harrison Bergeron and titanium
by: eleni fritz and Tyrone black

In both Harrison Bergeron and "Fahrenheit 451" both societies are oppressed and changed because of technology by their government. In Harrison Bergeron the government takes control of everyone and everything making everyone equal by forcing people to wear hearing aids and weights to damper their abilities. Harrison Bergeron is the one human left that thinks differently and isn't content with society, this is like F451 because in F451 Montag is one of the only men out of the entire population of Fahrenheit that thinks that books are important and worth fighting for. Both stories stress that only bad things will come if you oppress a society.


Current articles show that society is lacking because of our overuse and abuse of technology. "Harrison Bergeron", Titanium and "Fahrenheit 451" because just like the article each piece of evidence shows that technology rules our lives and our society. Harrison Bergeron struggles with society and their never ending control over us, Titanium shows us how society creates a standard that can never be broken; and "Fahrenheit 451" shows us all of the above by using Montag and his struggles with other people, books, society, and the government to keep what he deems is worth fighting for,books, safe.  

Titanium connects to "Harrison Bergeron" and " Fahrenheit 451" because in all three of these different mediums, they all say the same thing. In "Harrison Bergeron", Harrison goes against the government and takes off all of his weights and ear transmitters to prove that without them he is great and that they can defy the government and be who they were born to be. The same thing is said the song titanium, the song says that people can go against you and who you are and they will try and put you down for being yourself, not the same as everyone around you, and that is ok. This also portrays and connects to "Fahrenheit 451" because in the novel, Bradbury writes about Montag and all of his challenges of being different than society and surviving with being different.

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