Reminders, Ideas, and Thoughts to Ponder...

Happy Friday!  We can see the light...  almost there!!! 7 1/2 days left...

Thank you all for your hard work!  Your hard work shows up everywhere!  STAAR scores are one example of this ahrd work...  Check out some preliminary results:

-3rd grade math: 86% met standard (based on last year's raw scores)

-4th grade math:81% met standard (based on last year's raw scores)

-5th grade math:82% met standard (based on last year's raw scores)

-3rd grade reading: 94% met standard, 43% advanced

-4th grade reading:92% met standard, 46% advanced

-5th grade reading: 92% met standard, 48% advanced

-4th grade writing: 84% met standard

-5th grade science: 93% met standard

Many of these score are well above the state and top 3 for CCISD! Results will be shared with parents and students next week. 

2. Thank you to the Amys of Hospitality and Hospitality committee for their hard work in preparing the volunteer reception! Delicious!

3. Please mark your calendars for the Welcome Reception for Mrs. Serrano next Thursday, May 28th at 3:30 p.m. She will also be at the PTA meeting on Wednesday to meet parents and families.   

4. “When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to also educate their hearts”- Anonymous

5. "The most valuable resource that all teachers have is each other."   

The Hardest to love need us the most...  Read more below!