personal entry 2

Brianna didnt warn me about this!

viewpoints there everywhere ms.B literally everywhere i have yet to (since learning about them) spend a day without thinking about the viewpoints at least once i didn't realize how important duration is until theatre for example if i stare creepily at someone in the joking fashion that i tend to do and they don't notice and i give up what happens? ill tell you the people around think i am really just a creep if you give up at any point before they laugh your a creep once they laugh you can stop. which led me to start thinking about all the different ways i use the view points minus space because those ones are obvious gesture is probably one of the most prevalent in my life because im terrible with remembering names so i just either give someone a nickname or use gesture usually a friendly nod or a handshake to get their attention to initiate a conversation. tempo can change everything if i give someone a hug and then i step away from the hug that is socially acceptable among friends however if i give someone that same hug but while i pulled away i slowed down and left my hands on their waste that usually implies a different relationship. i am coming to realize viewpoints was never really invented its something most of us know how to do properly from the time we start having friends and other social interactions. i have kind of found the viewpoints to be a guide almost to observing human behavior to know how to act, for example if i go into the gym and i see a machine but i have no clue how to use it and the little diagram thing fell off well maybe i wait for someone else to use that machine and boom architecture.