Time Travel To The Past

By: Zara Petrocy

CRACK! I see a flash of light and then I am standing outside of a dance hall. I hear music so I go inside to see what's going on. When I walk in there people are dancing, laughing, drinking, and having fun. Women in the dance hall are dressed in fun dresses, headbands, and have short bobbed hair. Everyone looks so different compared to what we wear in 2015.

A women comes up to me and introduces herself to me. Her name is Mary. I asked what today was and she told me it was Wednesday, September 1923. After she told me that, I froze. All I could think about was how I am I going to get back home and how did I get here in the first place. Mary asked me if I needed any help. At that moment I decided that I could trust Mary. I tell her everything that happened and she says that she is going to help me.

After I have calmed down, we review everything that happened to me before and after I came here. After we are done, I realized something that stuck out before I came here. When I saw the light it resembled the moon and just before I saw the light I was thinking about the roaring twenties. Mary and I had figured out the reason I went back in time was because of the full moon. Mary told me that the next full moon was a month away. I have to wait a whole month before I can get back home. I ask Mary what am I suppose to do for a month and she said that I could live with her.

When we made our way back to Mary's house there were a lot of things that were really different from 2015. For example, we walked by an old playground. The playground had wooden seesaw, tin slides, and wooden swings. The playground was so different compared to today's playground. When we got to Mary's quaint little house her dog greeted me. His name was Bingo. We went inside and it was very charming. The house had beautiful engraving on the ceiling, a nice big fire place, and gorgeous lace curtains. Mary showed me to the guest room and got me settled in. We ate delicious vegetable beef soup and toasted cheese that night. I was so good. That night I went to bed and dreamed about all that has happened to me since I got here.

Two weeks have past since I first came to the 1920's. I have had to go to school, which is very different from school in 2015. I have also made a couple of new friends and they are really fun, but I won't be able to see them for much longer. I think that I have adapted pretty well here, but I miss my friends and family back home. In 10 days I get to go back home, and I can't wait to tell everyone about my adventure back to the roaring twenties.

Today is the day that I get to go back home and I am really happy and excited. When the moon comes out, me and Mary go back to dance hall. I giver her a hug and tell her thank you and good-bye. I look up in the sky and see a bright, big, brilliant, sliver, and pearl. Then all of a sudden there is a big BOOM and I black out. When I finally wake up I'm laying on my bed. I run to my mom and ask her how long has it been since she last saw me, and she says that she just saw me 30 minutes ago. I just stand there for the next few minutes thinking. Should I tell her....

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