Idea 1 - Fear


Fear - Race to the end/ Chase

Side Scroller.

Complete each stage in a set amount of time while keeping ahead of a beast chasing you.

Use touch screen and microphone for getting objects from out of your path.

Use the Gyroscope to jump over obstacles.

Take harder/More complex routes through the level to get a higher score.

Unique Selling Points -

Customization - Able to create your own maps to share.

Art Style - Traditional Japanese Paintings

Community - High score tables with the highest global and local scores, as well as friend scores.

Mechanics - Uses all the DS's features within the game.

30 Second Pitch -

My game is a side scrolling race to the end game, where your goal is to get to the end of a stage in the fastest time time possible while using all of the 3Ds' built in functions such as using the microphone to blow away leaves in your path and or using the touch screen to flick objects from infront of you, while doing this you must keep ahead of the beast chasing you.

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