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Supporters and Defenders

In the world today, those who are gay and their supporters are constantly fighting against defenders for the legalization of same sex marriage in all states. Defenders claim for many reasons that it shouldn't be legal, theses including religion, influences among children, and fear of change from tradition, and so on. While there are also supporters who believe in happiness and equality for everyone. These people often support, fund, and run the events in the LGBT community like social gatherings, meetings, and marches for equal rights. These people have allowed the legalization of 37 states in the U.S. with 13 more states to go the gay community as well as its supporters are doing everything they can to fight for equality all across the nation.


Suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people between ages 10 and 24 LBG are four times more likely and questioning youth is three times more likely to attempt suicide. These feelings of suicide are brought on by being neglected, feeling inadequate, and above all thinking of themselves and their feelings to be “unnatural” or “wrong” Sadly most of the bullying happens in the home or in the heart parents look down on their child for having these feelings and usually feel as if they've failed them. Some may even look at their kids as lost causes or beat them for being “abnormal.” But in other cases it can be the opposite, for example, some children’s parents support them, but they get picked on beat up and harassed at school and for many kids this is too much for them to handle so they end their life in an attempt to rid themselves of the pain they go through every single day. This issue they face has a very simple solution and that is to be kind to one another just loving each other could save lives. People’s intolerance for others choices sexuality is purely lack of understanding, which stereotypes contribute to. All of that can cost countless lives of people who have yet to live theirs to the fullest

One big misconception

People often feel negative and uncomfortable towards LGBT generally because people don't understand. Or they grew up in a household where they were taught that having feelings towards the same gender is wrong. This is true in most religious homes but in this new age people are becoming more susceptible to accepting that not everyone is the same. Some people are going to find different paths to follow in life, which may not always conform to their prefered lifestyle.

Another huge misconception is that people chose to be gay that they “brought this on themselves” by choosing to like their own gender. But this is totally incorrect what many people don't understand is just like saying gay people choose to like guys then by that same logic don't straight people chose to like the opposite gender? Most people would reply “no” or, “its not the same thing” but the truth is some people are just born with an attraction towards the same gender and can't help their feelings especially at a young age when people begin to question themselves and what they want.

Events In The History Of Equality

December 10, 1924

The Society for Human Rights is founded by Henry Gerber in Chicago. The society is the first gay rights organization as well as the oldest documented in America. After receiving a charter from the state of Illinois, the society publishes the first American publication for homosexuals,Friendship and Freedom. Soon after its founding, the society disbands due to political pressure.

July 8, 1980

The Democratic Rules Committee states that it will not discriminate against homosexuals. At their National Convention on August 11-14, the Democrats become the first political party to endorse a homosexual rights platform.

September 21, 1996

President Clinton signs the Defense of Marriage Act into law. The law defines marriage as a legal union between one man and one woman and that no state is required to recognize a same-sex marriage from out of state.

February 23, 2011

President Obama states his administration will no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act, which bans the recognition of same-sex marriage.

Change is in the air

In this new innovative and prospering age change is happening more and more everyday with all types of emotional and physical changes things aren't quite where they're sought to be just yet but progress is being made in the gay community with a the simplistic goal of being accepted. People are wanting change in the U.S. and are taking action by showing the world they have a voice to be heard and people will listen.


  1. legalization- the act of making something legal
  2. Influences- things that persuade a person to make a decision
  3. Inadequate- doesn't fit the requirements or unfit for something
  4. Intolerance- inability to tolerate (withstand) something
  5. Susceptible- likely or liable to be influenced or harmed by a particular thing.
  6. Misconception- misunderstanding
  7. LGBT- lesbian gay bi transgender
  1. ____________ signed the defence of marriage into law.
  2. L.G.B.T stands for______________
  3. how many states have been legalized __________
  4. how many states have not been legalized _______
  5. what do you think of this quiz__________

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