corruption or dope, it's all the same

"We learned about honesty and integrity - that the truth matters... that you don't take shortcuts or play by your own set of rules... and success doesn't count unless you earn it fair and square."

— Michelle Obama

This quote of Mrs. Obama reveals the true value of playing fair, something that quite a lot of Olympic athletes did not take into consideration.

Since the beginning of sporting competitions in ancient Greece, athletes have been winning in an unfair way, and competitors have always been taking whatever advantage they can just to win the gold medal.

Everyone who watched the 1988 Olympic Games knows the famous incident that happened to the world wide known sprinter Ben Johnson. For those who are not familiar with this subject, The International Olympic Committee stripped off his gold medal although he beat the world record time of 9,79s because his post-race drug test indicated use of steroid. It’s clear that the ones who cheat will be sooner or later uncovered. After the second time Ben Johnson tested positive for drug use, The Olympic Corporation expulsed him from the games to show the world that such act is not tolerated.

The filmmaker Daniel Gordon opens our eyes on this issue by coming up with a documentary featuring Ben Johnson and his drug ingestion to enhance his speed ability as well as his competitor Carl Lewis, a USA runner. Also, he exposes the six other men who lined up at the start of the most watched race in history.

"I realised that each of these men had a story to tell, about what had brought them there, how they felt during the race, what happened to them afterwards. It was a bigger story than just a drugs scandal", says Daniel Gordon.

The director digs into the controversy conducting several interviews with Lewis and Johnson as well as their competitors and coaches. He states that "The fact that there was so much suspicion around them all was, in itself, interesting."

His film changes our perception of the way this story has once been told. It's an interesting documentary to watch and it's impressing how the director managed to interview the 8 finalists.

Amateurs who look up to these famous athletes are deceived by this illegal act because they are not winning with honesty.  

The best part is when Carl Lewis looked at Ben saying ,"C'mon. Are you serious?"


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