Tips on Painting Black Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2013-7-31 18:26:29

As we have introduced in our previous articles, black steel pipe is very popular among consumers both at home and abroad. It can be used to carry gas and water actually. You are advised to paint your black steel pipe to protect it from corrosion. There are various kinds of paints can be used. Here we will give you a brief introduction on how to paint the black steel pipe.

In order to paint your pipe, you are advised to prepare the following things, like stove paint, paintbrush, drop cloths, painter's tape and so forth. You are advised to paint it with wearing the mask since there are some chemical materials of the paint. Also, you'd better wear a pair of glove when you painting.

First of all, ensure the working area is well-ventilated. If you decide to paint it indoor, you are advised to open any available windows and doors. As we all know that, there are various kinds of paints both in domestic and international markets. And there are some chemical or toxic materials in the paint. So, you should ensure a ventilated working condition to decrease the amount of paint power that you will breathe in.

Second, you can use a cloth or plastic sheet or something else to cover the area that you do not decide to paint. There are some places that can't cover with a drop cloth, you are advised to use the painter's tape around the edges that you can't cover with cloth. Stir the paint in the paint container before you painting.

Third, use the paint brush to paint it. Or you can use a spray gun to paint since it can be more efficiently and effectively. Add the second coat if it is necessary. But ensure that the first layer has dried. Then you may remove the cloth or plastic sheet which you use to cover the pipe.

The welded steel pipe and API steel pipe are also available.

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