Gun Control

The 2nd Amendment :  "right to bear arms"
because of the need to form a militia

Republican Stance

  • Republicans oppose laws to regulate guns
  • They believe that gun laws have NOT reduced gun violence
  • Republicans oppose gun control
  • "Guns don't kill people, people kill people"
  • Republicans believe that the government needs to punish criminals who use guns illegally
  • NRA

NRA: National RIfle Association

- The NRA does not want the government to pass gun control laws

Democratic Stance

  • Support laws to regulate guns
  • Democrats are for gun control
  • They believe that the government needs to regulate the purchase and ownership of guns
  • Democrats think that gun violence is a serious problem
  • National Gun Control Inc.

National Gun Control Inc.

-They support gun control laws

-Sarah Brady is the leader of the corporation

1968 gun control act

The 1968 Gun Control Act stated that you cannot carry a gun in a federal building. It also states that people can't carry a gun in a school or on a college campus. The Gun Control Act said that convicted fellons cannot carry a gun.

1993 brady bill

The Brady Bill required a five day waiting period to purchase "handguns". This law came about because by giving someone a 5 day waiting period it might change their mind, if they're wanting the gun for an impulse murder.The Brady Bill also directed local law inforcement officers in each state to check the background of each buyer for criminal or mental history.

Printz vs u.s. 1997

  • Jay Printz, a Montana Sheriff ask if he could be forced to complete background checks
  • The Supreme COurt agreed that that the Federal government could not force the states to perform the Brady Bill background checks
  • The Brady Bill went undone in the states that refused
  • FBI computer background checks were then authorized

my views on gun control

I believe that it should be harder for someone to purchase a gun. If it is harder for criminals to buy guns then maybe they wouldn't bother and take the time to go through the process. I agree that some citizens do use their guns for hunting and sporting, but there are many people out there who do not.

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