Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

Austin Hertzfeld

The telephone-1875

Alexander Graham Bell

The first telephone was invented in 1875 by Alexander Graham Bell.  It has changed society in a crazy way.  Without the telephone we would have to take way more time in delivering messages to places on foot, instead we can just do in seconds.


Batteries are a very important invention, invented in 1800.  Without them we wouldn't have lots of the things we have today like cars, phones, airplanes, and trucks.  Batteries power many things and give them the power to work and stay working for a long period of time.

Joel Houghton

The first dishwasher was invented 1850, it saves us time by washing the dishes for us and letting it do things while its happening so you can get more done.  It also washes things quicker than hand.

Georg A. Wheeler and Charles D. Seeberger

Escalators are a quick mode of transportation that take you from floor to floor on a building.  They were invented in 1891. There not to much faster than stairs, but there easier!

Henry W. Seeley

Invented in 1882.  The electric iron is more portable than a plug in iron.  They work fast and easy.

Thomas Edison

Light bulbs are one of the most important inventions ever.  They give light and last long.  First invented in 1879.

Gottlieb Daimler

Invented in 1885 was the first coal powered motorcycle.  Coal was the easiest way to make them work.  They were an easy, cheap form of transportation.

Thomas Alva Edison

In 1877 the first record was invented my Thomas Edison.  It was used to play songs.  Made very thin but eventually got thicker.

Johan Edvard Lundstrom

Invented in 1855, the first safety matches could only be lit by striking the box which eventually stayed as a feature to safety matches.

John Froehlich

The first ever tractor was invented in 1892.  It was powered by gasoline and not on a track.

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